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  • Warrior Blade Pro / Warrior Blade Pro X6 / Warrior Blade OG

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    Pro - 

    The Blade Pro is the ultimate midfield head that was built to dominate both the offensive and defensive sides of the field.

    The Blade Pro was designed to dominate faceoffs - the minimal offset, sharp bottom edge, and maximum throat stiffness give you a huge advantage against any other head. The scoop angle and transition are made to vacuum up ground balls. The optimal string hole position for a pocket that strings up perfect every time.

    X6 - 

    The Blade Pro X6 was Warrior's hottest new head designed by the best faceoff middies in the game, Team USA's Alex Smith and Geoff Snider. This head is designed specifically for ground balls and maximum durability. The flex and slope are specifically designed for pinch and pop domination. The Blade Pro X6 is legal for NCAA only.

    OG - 

    The Warrior Blade is hands down the bestselling faceoff head of all time and it is being re-released for a limited time only. The Blade was a “MUST OWN” for all middies who faceoff when it first came out and its legacy is still coveted today in the lacrosse community.

    Due to its long narrow channel, the blade OG is able to provide a consistent release and excellent ball retention. The channel and flex of the head are perfect for executing the C-clamp during crucial face-off situations. The unique flared sidewall will not only be able to help produce a faster clamp, but offer maximum pinch and grip over the ball. If that was not enough, the flared sidewall will also offer a wide face to help you catch and receive the ball better without giving up pinch. It’s the best of both worlds!