Lacrosse - The Southern Way
FLAX Pros, or Florida Lacrosse Professionals
Lacrosse - The Southern Way

FLAX Pros, or Florida Lacrosse Professionals, is brought to you by an ex-laxer looking to better serve the Emerald Coast's growing love for lacrosse. While offering the best and most innovative technology to the next generation of players, FLAX Pros is providing the foundation to assist each and every player at every skill level. Hours are spent every day sourcing the most affordable equipment, sticks, gear, merch and anything else one may need to enjoy "the fastest game on 2 feet".

Founder and President, Brent MacDonald, played lacrosse from the age of 5 to 20, with 2 years in college. If there is one regret in his life, its "giving up" on the game and college altogether for that matter. With other businesses that have occupied his time, lacrosse was an afterthought for a decade. Until recently, when his 3 boys started to walk around carrying sticks and eventually wanting to play in the yard, the game didn't mean much to him anymore. Now, with a 2016 move from his home state of Maryland to Florida completed, he's ready to make his mark on the game he once loved more than anything.


Stay tuned for the expected growth of FLAX Pros and the eventual footprint they intend to make on the game!